Hi I'm Kate and I teach the 4 year-old Green group on Tuesday and Thursday with Carly!

Hi I'm Tamsyn and I teach the 4 year-old Red group with Marie on Monday and Wednesdayand the 3 year-old Blue group with Kat and Kim on Friday!

Our Philosophy

At Edithvale Preschool we have a strong sense of community and we embrace involvement between children, families, educators and the community. We believe these positive relationships, connections and contributions underpin the foundation of best practice within our kindergarten.

At Edithvale Preschool we see play as an essential part of a child’s growth and development and our program is play based with a combination of teacher led and child-initiated experiences providing an environment that stimulates children’s curiosity and involvement and enables children to feel safe, motivated, esteemed and appreciated. Individual strengths and interests are valued and celebrated. We encourage the children to take risks to develop their confidence and understanding while continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for them to do this in.

We believe children learn through repetition and the opportunity to try different approaches to each activity they undertake. We acknowledge that parents play an integral role in the education of their child and we see the child as already competent and learning well before they arrive at kinder, with a sense of their own being, an idea of where they belong, and a sense of who they are becoming. We see every child as an individual and we embrace the uniqueness of each child and use each child’s current knowledge, ideas, culture and interests as a springboard for the emerging, fun, play based program.

We feel that with support, encouragement and practice, the children will increase their ability to connect and participate within their world. We are aware of diversity, respect, fairness and being socially responsible members of the Community where every member of our kinder community is respected and valued. We recognise the impact we have on the natural environment and we believe it is our responsibility to promote awareness of environmental and sustainable practices. The children take an active role in this process by enhancing their natural curiosity and encouraging their involvement in problem solving. We encourage the children to explore ways that we can maintain and develop the best sustainable, natural environmental practices.

Edithvale Preschool adopts the National Early Years Learning Frameworks (EYLF) which ensures all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life. These integral aspects are interwoven throughout our kindergarten program. Our teachers recognise that children learn best when they experience the world first hand using their senses and we strive to enrich children’s lives through vibrant and diverse tailored learning experiences. We provide opportunities to immerse themselves in a range of meaningful activities therefore promoting a lifelong love of learning.


Edithvale preschool is pleased to announce our participation in the Kinder Tick program.

"Displaying the Kinder Tick will be a strong signal to your communities that your kinder program service meets the guidelines developed to best support children’s learning and development."   Ingrid Stitt, Minister for Early Education

More information about the program and the importance of kindergarten can be found here

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